Top 6 Sites that will Pay You to Write Articles Online in 2020

Are you looking to earn money online?

If yes, then there are several methods to make money online and the most popular amongst them is by writing. If you have searched the Internet for this question How to make money writing online?

You would have got many answers and among them will be freelance writing.

Do you know about freelance writing?

If No, then a short explanation is provided. Those people who are self-employed and aren’t committed to an employer for the long term. They actually work from home or any other place on their own convenient time. They are known as freelancers. There are various types of freelancing work available and when the work is of writing, it gets the term of freelance writing.

You can either become a part-time or a full time freelance writer on the Internet as per your need of income and job. Isn’t it actually nice to earn some extra money by writing articles online?

Now, the difficulty is about finding the right platform or a website that will give you the best value of payment for your knowledge and writing skills. It is a highly important aspect that should be taken into consideration, otherwise high quality writers will not get their deserved pay and recognition. There are tons of websites online that will pay you for writing articles. The leading and the best websites that have high traffic will generally offer better payments.

So, here you’ll find the absolute best & the top six websites of 2020 where you will get paid to write articles online.

The websites listed below are trusted and genuine and has a huge number of audience and dedicated readers. They will also give you the highest payment and the best online income opportunity, as they pay you to write about anything based on your writing skills.

The Best 6 Sites to Get Paid To Write Articles Online

1. HubPages

HubPages was founded in 2006, as a website having user generated content or simply the users are the writers for that platform. It has since grown tremendously and now generates huge amount of readership and revenue.

HubPages is an open community which means anyone can become its member (“Hubber”) and post informational articles (“Hubs”) without any restrictions. It is also a revenue-sharing website that allows the author of an article to share the revenue that is generated from that particular article. It allows Google AdSense to monetize your articles, but the AdSense account will be in the name of the member or the writer and they must be eligible & be able to get approved for an AdSense account. The amount of income that a member can generate depends on the volume of traffic that the articles receives. It is a more user-friendly website that will give you an opportunity to create a consistent income.

HubPages also gives you the freedom to write about any topic, but that article should be able to generate views even from the Search Engines to earn money via AdSense or other affiliate marketing programs.

Pros of HubPages

  • No fixed payment rate and the writers earn money according to the popularity of their article and the traffic generated through it. This gives the writers a fair share in the income generated and they will receive payment till their article attracts visitors.
  • High reputation of the website as it generates huge number of readers who are in millions.
  • It is a Search Engine Friendly website that will give you an advantage as the ranking of your article will be higher on its Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) as compared to many other sites. It is because the content of HubPages is more valuable due to its reputation.
  • You can write an article about basically any topic.
  • They provide good and hassle customer support by giving priority in responding and solving queries.
  • You can monetize your published article on HubPages either by Google AdSense or any other affiliate marketing programs.
  • This platform is also helpful for an independent blogger to generate traffic to their blog by writing on HubPages and providing backlinks.
  • You’ll have the rights to publish the articles, but they have set strict guidelines about the type of content that is being published. No illegal or inappropriate content is allowed and if their terms & conditions are violated, your account may get terminated.

Cons of HubPages

  • The Earnings are completely dependent on the volume of traffic that your articles can generate, it may initially take some time to actually start earning a decent amount.
  • The shared-revenue model doesn’t always guarantee a certain amount of income & isn’t suitable for those who urgently require money.
  • You’ll have to write high quality articles that are SEO friendly and at the same time provide the best content to the users. So, you’ll have to learn about basic SEO and have to put in the extra effort to make your article professional.
  • Not useful to those who require urgent money.

Write For HubPages

2. Listverse

Listverse was founded in 2007, primarily as a “Top 10” website and has since become one of the best sites in the world. As the name of the site suggests that their articles must be in the form of lists. It doesn’t publish any particular type of content, but the article should be unique & creative and drafted in the form of a list with minimum of 10 items per list. If you want to earn money from writing online and don’t have much experience & qualifications, then you can opt for Listverse.

Pros of Listverse

  • Listverse is a highly popular site with millions of visitors per month. If your article is accepted and published, it will garner many views and you’ll get recognition.
  • They have a fixed payment of $100 per article.
  • It pays via PayPal when your article is accepted.
  • There is no particular requirement of any qualifications, only the content of the article matters.
  • You can choose any topic to write about but that should be in the form of a list.
  • You can submit more than one article and get paid when it gets accepted and published.

Cons of Listverse

  • High percentage of visitors that visit Listverse are from North America & Europe. So, they prefer that the content should be in English and is suitable to the given audience.
  • No additional payment for the articles that become highly successful and generates lots of traffic.

Write For Listverse

3. is a humor site which was founded in 2005, and has been one of the most popular comedy based site in the world for many years. Cracked wants funny/smart/creative people who can make anyone laugh with their words. They are reliable and will pay you well to write the articles.

Pros of

  • Minors who are at least 16 years of age can also submit their article and get paid.
  • There is no requirement of experience nor of any degree or qualifications.
  • They have wide range of content that you can pick to work on like articles, videos, photoplasty and pictofacts ,etc but it should be funny.
  • Cracked offers payment of $150 for your first four articles, then $250 for every articles published after that.
  • You will be able to directly work with Cracked’s editors.
  • They have a huge audience and if your work is published then it will be seen by millions of people.

Cons of

  • Lots of people from all across the world want to write for Cracked. So, the competition is high to get an article published.
  • They may take long time to respond or reply to after you “pitch” your idea to them.

Write For Cracked

4. The Penny Hoarder

The Penny Hoarder was founded in 2010, as a personal finance website. Their content is primarily based on earning & saving money. It also publishes various types of posts that are related to finance like success stories of individuals who earned money by unconventional ways or any other unique jobs, etc. So, if you have any valuable idea or information that helps people to grow, save or earn money. You certainly become eligible to submit or pitch your idea to The Penny Hoarder. If they like your idea then they will contact you and give their approval to write a detailed article. They will then publish it on their website and will pay you well for it.

Pros of The Penny Hoarder

  • The rate of payment for an article depends upon the quality and the traffic it can generate. If your article becomes popular then you’ll get additional payments.
  • They provide you the option to include a link to your website as an alternative method of payment.
  • Highly popular website that recieves traffic in millions per month.

Cons of The Penny Hoarder

  • The majority of their traffic comes from the North American region. Therefore, they prefer writers who are based in this region.

Write For The Penny Hoarder

5. SitePoint

SitePoint is a Melbourne, Australia based website which was founded in 1999. It publishes articles for Web developers, designers, programmers, product creators and entrepreneurs. They are basically looking for Web Professionals from all across the world who can contribute to their SitePoint Blog. So, those who can write well and have the required knowledge in this field. They can pitch their ideas and if it gets approved, then you will be able to write for SitePoint and get paid by them.

Pros of SitePoint

  • SitePoint claims to pay their writers above industry rates for their work.
  • It has a large number of audience with above 10 million readers per month.
  • They don’t have any restrictions of any person joining their website as a writer based on their nationality.
  • It is a professional website that is dedicated to a particular niche and publishes quality content.
  • They publish only original articles and don’t accept any plagiarized article.

Cons of SitePoint

  • It may take a longer duration of time for your pitch to get selected because of immense competition.

Write For SitePoint

6. B.Michelle Pippin

B.Michelle Pippin is an official blog of Women Who WOW website. This is a business blog & Michelle Pippin is looking for people who have business and financial knowledge . If you have any profitable strategy / marketing hack that can grow a business or you yourself are a master of something that most business owners struggle to do. Give a try and if you get selected you’ll be paid for it.

Pros of B.Michelle Pippin

  • The payment per article is in the range of $50-$150.
  • They offer payout via PayPal.
  • Good reputation of site with high traffic.

Cons of B.Michelle Pippin

  • You must be a native English speaker otherwise you’ll get rejected.
  • You must be an expert with first -hand experience in the topic you want to write.

Write For Michelle Pippin


Those who are interested in earning money by writing articles online must opt for the above listed websites. You should wisely choose the platform that will be most suitable to display your articles and will also give you the best value for your article.

You must also note that it is not easy to get your articles published and get paid for it. It is difficult and requires patience as it takes a lot of time, efforts and skills to generate income from writing online.
If you have any quieres regarding this topic, you can easily clarify that in the comment section below.Jetpack

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