PrizeRebel Review 2020: Can you earn $100 per month from PrizeRebel?

Want to use your spare time to earn some quick bucks while relaxing on the couch?

Today, it’s very much possible to fulfill that desire with a little help from the Internet.

But you might already know that the Internet is a very vast place similar to the oceans, where sometimes people get lost and sail aimlessly in the wrong direction.

And as you have come across a website called that claims to give a perfect solution to earn with ease.

Sounds very convenient, but do you want to board their ship without having enough knowledge because they might either be worthy or would be a complete waste of time.

For that, I’ll be your lighthouse who’ll show you the right way and clarify all your doubts through this comprehensive guide & review of PrizeRebel.

You’ll also find out whether you can make $100 or more monthly or not, and learn some exclusive tips for you to earn extra, so go ahead & read the whole post that is made up of spicy ingredients to avoid yawning & to dig the best out of PrizeRebel.

Disclosure:- This is an honest PrizeRebel review based on several factors such as personal experience, multiple user ratings/reviews, company/website ownership, monthly earning potential, worldwide availability, payment punctuality, customer support, user-experience, complaints, domain authority, and many other factors.

What is PrizeRebel?

Do you believe in “what’s in a name”?Because the first impression of the name (Prize+Rebel), suggests they might be against rewards.

Is it true?

Not at all, it’s actually the opposite as PrizeRebel is a popular GPT (Get Paid To) website or a rewards-based website that pays or gives their users various gift cards & cash for performing simple activities.

Also, PrizeRebel is well known for providing high-quality paid surveys, that’s why they are also termed as an online survey website.

How does PrizeRebel work?

The site serves as a platform that connects Internet users like you & me to various advertisers/marketing research companies.

They simply act as a middleman whose work is to bring users who are willing to participate in surveys, watch videos, & do other simple tasks.

For every successfully completed survey & task, you’ll get paid in points by PrizeRebel that can later be converted & redeemed as cash/gift cards.

As PrizeRebel is doing a business & not a charity, therefore they take away a hefty amount as fees from the research companies. You’ll only get a share that is worth a piece of cake from their revenue.

But don’t think that anyone can make such a site & will start earning tons of money. It isn’t easy as PrizeRebel has a lot of competitors, but not all of them are successful & reliable. There are only a few sites that match its caliber, namely Swagbucks, ySense, & Toluna.

Is PrizeRebel Legit & Safe?

Before you read the twisted & stretched facts, I reveal that is a legit online rewards site that has been around for more than a decade.

The journey of PrizeRebel began in the year 2007 by the company of iAngelic, Inc based in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the country of USA.

And their site claims to have paid out 20 million dollars in cash & rewards to its 10 million worldwide members. Each day the numbers increase while generating nearly 1-2 million monthly users on its platform. Its network size is stable & bound to grow this year.

Also, they ended the previous year with ratings of 3.6/5 on SurveyPolice, 3.3/5 on SiteJabber, and 3/5 on TrustPilot. I too have recently received payments & from the reviews, it’s verified that PrizeRebel genuinely pays their users.

Actually, their overall ratings are quite remarkable when compared to other rewards sites, as maintaining that for a long period isn’t easy.

But unfortunately, not everything is shiny as the company iAngelic, Inc isn’t much transparent. They haven’t disclosed their company background & ownership, nor are they willing to share their other information to the public.

This becomes a negative aspect of any company as their prospect can’t be analyzed & predicted accurately and which raises a sense of doubt.

Yet, they have partnered with top marketing research companies/advertisers such as Peanut Labs, Your Surveys, Samplicious, & SaySoRewards among others.

Not really famous names, but they are well known in the sphere of online survey providers.

Despite having some areas that require improvement, still, it’s completely assured that PrizeRebel is a legitimate & safe website for you to use.

How can you join PrizeRebel?

Now you can relax after learning that PrizeRebel isn’t a scam.

Yet, the main question of whether to board the ship of PrizeRebel or not still remains?

Many expect PrizeRebel to be a modern cruise ship unfortunately, it’s nothing more than a classic steamer.

Because it will test your patience, & take a good amount of time before you can get a decent amount from it.

You might already know that PrizeRebel cannot make anyone rich, it’ll only give you a side income.

So if you can dedicate your time, then go ahead & board their steamer to start your voyage.

Before starting the journey, you should take note of the following important terms & conditions laid by PrizeRebel.

  • The ship of PrizeRebel accepts worldwide passengers/members who must be at least 18 years of age or be over 16 years with parental permission.
  • They allow only one account per household. So, I warn you NOT to create more than one account, otherwise, they’ll throw you & your family members out of PrizeRebel forever.
  • Also, provide all information & answer surveys truthfully, liars will not be pardoned.
  • You should not go into hibernation mode for 180 days or 6 months. Be active & log in frequently to avoid termination of your account.
  • Lastly, behave like a gentleman/ well-mannered woman by NOT indulging in any illegal activities, harassing, sexual material, hacking, spamming, and other wrong things on their website or social media.

If you have understood & are willing to obey the above-listed guidelines, then the next step will be your first step towards your journey.

The Signup Process

It’s very simple, in fact, it takes only a couple of minutes to get a PrizeRebel account.

All you have to do is visit the homepage & fill in the sign-up form by entering your first & last name. You’ll have to next give your email address & choose a password that you use frequently or won’t easily forget.

In order to complete the sign-up process, you’ll have to verify your email address by clicking on the verification link send by PrizeRebel in your inbox.

That’s it, then you’ll get a fully activated PrizeRebel account & you’ll be on board.

You can also signup using your Facebook account, but it isn’t recommended.

How to earn points?[Tips & Tricks included for earning more & fast]

Don’t be in a rush to earn after getting your account as this isn’t a treasure hunt.

First of all, you’ll need to get familiar & comfortable with PrizeRebel.

For that, head to the profile questionnaire (using earn tab) where you’ll need to give your whereabouts & other information. This is necessary, as the PrizeRebel algorithm gets to know you & accordingly provides tasks & surveys.

When you submit it, you’ll get your first 10 points credited into your account for this effortless work.

Later, you can also update the profile questionnaire once in a month, if there is any change required.

1. Answer Surveys

Arguably the best way of earning points on PrizeRebel is by completing surveys.

But unfortunately, it isn’t easy for everyone, because if you don’t live in the USA, Canada, UK, & Australia, then you will not qualify for surveys frequently.

It’s the harsh truth that many a time you’ll get disqualified from taking the surveys, yet with patience & persistence, you’ll sooner or later find yourself in the middle of a survey.

Tip/Trick:- PrizeRebel states that you’ll have to honestly answer the surveys.
True, but not completely.

Be honest, but not damn honest.

For Example:- If they ask Do you own this product or not?

Your situation could be that you currently don’t have it but had it once & recently discarded it, or it’s available in your household, or from anywhere else you have access to it with experience & enough knowledge about that product.

In this case, simply say “Yes” as you’ll be able to give them the information they were looking for.

Warning:- If you haven’t used the product and have only some or incomplete knowledge about that, then be honest & say “No”.

Think & Interpret the question to get the best out of its meaning”

Another important thing for PrizeRebel Survey is Quality Score, you get a quality score of 100 at the start, later it will be based on your accuracy & honesty.

So, those who’ll give genuine answers without making mistakes generally maintain a perfect score, otherwise it decreases & you receive fewer surveys.

2. Be a PrizeRebel Affiliate & refer it to others

Not only this is the easiest way to earn points on PrizeRebel, but also to make money online.

Earlier I thought, why to tell others & share the secret formula to earn?

It is a foolish thing because by being an affiliate you can earn while sleeping, traveling, & watching your favorite TV show.

You only need to promote PrizeRebel using their referral link, and then whenever your referrals earn, you’ll get around 15%-30% (based on your level)-[explained later] of their earnings as a commission.

Tip:- Wondering how to get referrals?

First of all, you can send the link to all your contacts/friends, and you can also post it on all your social media accounts and tell them the benefits of using PrizeRebel.

Secondly, you can make videos of PrizeRebel and post it on YouTube/other video sharing platforms.

Finally, the best method is to start a blog & write about PrizeRebel.

You can easily create one like mine within a few minutes via WordPress or through BlueHost.

You’ll get unlimited worldwide referrals as long as your post is available on the Internet.


3. Watch Videos

Today, the first thing that comes into our mind when we talk about watching online videos is YouTube.

Want to watch the latest movie trailers, funny video clips, news, & blah blah blah?

Only if PrizeRebel was on the same page with me but unfortunately, they aren’t. They show advertisements based videos that are practically a waste of time.

Tip:- I will NOT recommend you to watch videos to earn points on PrizeRebel.

Because you’ll not be able to buy even a bunch of bananas from it, they’ll give you nearly half a point per video, and that amounts to approximately 6 cents per hour.

And then don’t think to fool them by opening the video & not watching it, they’ll eventually find out & kick you out of PrizeRebel.

Anyways if you watch the videos to earn coins, get ready to pay your pennies for the electricity consumed as you know that battery drains faster during this process.

4. Complete tasks & daily challenges

You can also earn by doing small tasks such as signing up for some websites, giving feedbacks after visiting these third-party party sites on PrizeRebel, playing games, & installing apps, etc.

They also provide daily challenges that include tasks. If you complete it, you’ll get a few bonus points.

Tip:- To take up tasks or not to take up tasks?
The earnings differ for every work & they may or may not give decent points for it.

I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether it’ll be suitable for you or not, but certainly don’t hesitate in giving a try once.

Just beware of not giving away your personal email address while signing up for third-party sites, because they may make your inbox an irritating billboard & also their privacy policy isn’t always up to the mark.

5. Use Promo Codes

The simplest way to earn points on PrizeRebel is by using Promo codes.

All you need to do is copy & paste the code in your PrizeRebel account, and the points will get credited.

Tip:- You’ll get only a few points, not too many points.

But, isn’t something better for doing nothing?

So, where to look out for promo codes?

Simply, follow PrizeRebel on any of your social media accounts like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, & Pinterest, as they post it there.

Also, be alert & ready to swiftly use the code because it is valid for a specific duration (usually a day).

Another option is that you can download the PrizeRebel extension on your desktop (Available only on Google Chrome), you’ll directly get the Promo codes & other alerts when you check out your device.

6. Participate in PrizeRebel contests & lotteries

Congrats! You have won a prize of ABCD points on PrizeRebel.

Hopefully, you’ll get such a message, but for that, you need to participate in their draws termed as raffles & lucky numbers.

Whatever comes free, doesn’t have any value. So, to maintain the business equilibrium, you’ll have to buy a ticket/tickets to enter & stand a chance to win.

The price or points that you have to pay per ticket will be usually 10 points for $10 worth raffle prize and 20 points for the lucky numbers (prize amount varies).

And for the contests, you don’t have to enter manually nor pay any points. They have four types of contests namely, Offer Wall Contest, the US Only Surveys Contest, International Surveys Contest, & the Referral Contest.

If you earn the maximum points from completing tasks/ surveys/ referrals within the specified period of their contest/competition, you automatically win bonus points for your efforts.

Tip:- To gamble or not to gamble?

It’s your choice, but I’m against it.

This isn’t a million-dollar jackpot, nor really worthy to participate frequently.

If you feel lucky & your horoscope is in your favor, try to decode/guess the PrizeRebel algorithm for the lucky numbers & go ahead without any fear. You may get between ($2-$100) or even more.

How much can you earn from PrizeRebel?

Nowadays, who takes up a job without knowing their salary?

So, this becomes an important section that’ll give you an insight into how much does PrizeRebel pay their users?

PrizeRebel pays in points & not in cash, with 100 points equivalent to $1. And for the rest, you can do the math.

Let’s be straight forward that the amount you can earn will not be fixed & varies according to the efforts, & earning ways you choose to invest your time in.

But as earlier told that if you live in the USA, UK, Canada & Australia, then you’ll get the highest earning opportunity & will earn the maximum points anywhere around 1,000 to 20,000 ($10-$200) per month.

Rest of the world, don’t be disappointed, because you’ll also get opportunities that are no less with an income potential of anywhere between 200 to 10,000 points ($2-$100) monthly.

If we estimate the annual income, it would certainly be worth your while to buy some cool latest tech or any other thing you crave for.

What are levels in PrizeRebel & how does it affect your earnings?

It’s a common thing that wealthy people get more privileges than others, in PrizeRebel too there are statuses & if you are dedicated & have more points, you’ll also receive some special treatment than the others.

As shown in the figure below, they have made five levels namely, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, &, Diamond with certain benefits.

Simplified Explanation:-

1. Ms.B joins PrizeRebel, her initial account level is Bronze, and when she earns 1,000 points, her account gets upgraded to the Silver level.

2. Now she needs another 4,500 points, that will be (1,000+4500)= 5,500 total points for reaching the Gold level,

3. Again for the Platinum level, she requires (5,500+10,000)=15,500 points, finally she can scale everything at the Diamond Level by touching (15,500+16,000)=31,500 points.

Note:- Your points will be considered for the next level only if you have earned your points from the earn tab & invite tab or by answering surveys, completing tasks, watching videos, & through referrals.

Points from the other ways of earnings like Promo codes, Lotteries/Prizes, Bonuses will NOT be counted for getting to the next level.

Its Benefits:-

  • You’ll earn more from your referrals, at the Bronze level you earn only 15% of their earnings, but as you reach higher levels, it increases and goes up to 30% at the Diamond Level.
  • For Gold level & above accounts, your prize claims will be automatically processed if that item is in their stock within 24 hours. For the Bronze & Silver level, the prize claims are manually processed and usually take more time.
  • Not only does the Gold Level & above get special bonuses on their monthly earnings from surveys, tasks, & daily points, but also receive prize discounts.

Payment Methods

PrizeRebel has a variety of payout options available, but the actual number of options depends upon the country where you reside.

But, do you have at least 100-200 points that will be worth $1-$2 in your PrizeRebel account?

Because, this is the minimum amount, they are willing to pay you (minimum payout threshold) for an Amazon Gift card.

If you have that many points, you can opt for gift cards, or you can further wait to accumulate more points, then you’ll get more options including, cashout via PayPal (minimum of 500 points worth $5 required).

The current payout options for cash are via PayPal (worldwide), Visa Gift Cards, Steam, Direct Bank Payment, etc. (Actual options may vary according to your nationality)

The most common & recommended method is through PayPal, as it’s quite easy, fast, secure & has lower commission fees.

Otherwise, gift cards of top brands are also available such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay, etc.

Note:- PrizeRebel earlier offered payout via Bitcoin for a brief period, but it’s currently NOT available & will not come back anytime soon.

Finally, you can go & check yourself the payment methods available for you from the rewards tab in your PrizeRebel account.

PrizeRebel Payment Proof, Feedbacks, & Complaints

First, read my infatuation story,

I stumbled across PrizeRebel when I was looking for ways to minimize my napping & leisure hours by searching the Internet for How can someone make money online fast & easy?

Next, I got to know PrizeRebel, the first meeting between us was decent, as PrizeRebel was polite & well-designed or Good looking.

Soon we started meeting more often, and after being together (active) for nearly a month, PrizeRebel gave me $10. We are still in touch, and I am satisfied with whatever it gives me.

Here’s the payment from my sweetheart PrizeRebel (via PayPal).

Before you start to spend time with PrizeRebel, let’s see what great things are others talking about it by taking a look at some of their postive feedbacks/testimonials.

And where can’t relationships get sour, so here have a glance at some of their common complaints/negative feedback.

Analysis/Personal Opinion:-
Firstly, the most common issue faced by many is that the points aren’t getting credited despite them completing the surveys and waiting for months.

It must be due to the fault of the user because many don’t read the guidelines and create an account blindly. They may have lied or would have answered the surveys in a hurry without thinking.

Now, maybe that’s why PrizeRebel has kept their answers “under-review”.

But wait a minute, I’m not completely against the user as PrizeRebel should swiftly intimate the reason for any delay in crediting the points and not waste the user’s time any further if the user has requested for the same.

Secondly, I acknowledge and bring to your notice that PrizeRebel’s customer support is only satisfactory, as they don’t reply and clarify issues on TrustPilot, Survey Police, & SiteJabber. Because of this reason, they haven’t been able to maintain stable high ratings on those platforms.

They respond only through their official email customer support still, that too is quite slow and casual, rather than being swift, polite & helpful to resolve any problem.

This will certainly affect their business in the upcoming years, if not resolved & taken seriously. So, till then you’ll have to bear with them in this regard.

Lastly, as earlier mentioned that many users don’t qualify for surveys many times. For this, neither the user is completely at fault, nor PrizeRebel.

But to an extent, I believe that PrizeRebel should be held responsible, as they must match the survey according to the profile questionnaire the user has submitted. Yet, their algorithm isn’t up to the mark and makes an error.

PrizeRebel vs Swagbucks – Who is the Alternative? (The Short Comparison)

Heard the name of Swagbucks?

Who hasn’t?

It’s also a GPT site known for providing paid surveys and is quite similar to PrizeRebel like a brother or a sister.

There are other competitors & alternatives of PrizeRebel, but they aren’t just good enough & their comparison will not be a fair competition.

So, here we go:-

PrizeRebel Swagbucks
It was founded in the year 2007, by the company of IAngelic, Inc in the country of the USA.It was established a year later in 2008, by a renowned media company known as Prodege, LLC in the same country of USA.
They currently have more than 10 million registered members who have been until now paid $20 million.They have much greater numbers to boast with over 15 million members who have been paid over a staggering $400 million.
The parent company's annual revenue isn't disclosed.Their parent company's current annual revenue is disclosed at an estimated $160 million.
Less popular than Swagbucks.More popular than PrizeRebel.
Only one account per household is allowed.Each member of a household can join.
Available Worldwide.Available in limited countries.
No PrizeRebel App provided.Yes, they also provide an app.
Low minimum payout balance requirement.High minimum payout balance requirement.


Who needs a boring conclusion?

As it’s clearly visible that Swagbucks is the undisputed winner, and it’s actually PrizeRebel who is the best alternative of Swagbucks.

PrizeRebel Overview

  • Ratings: 3.6/5 on SurveyPolice
  • Established: 2007
  • Company: IAngelic, Inc.
  • Available in: Worldwide Countries
  • Address: 3385 S Durango Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89117
  • No of Employees: Unknown
  • Network Size: 10 million registered users
  • Support: 2.5/5

  • Personal Rating: 3/5
  • Earning methods: Surveys, tasks, Affiliate/Referral program, Promo codes, & Lotteries/contests
  • Avg. Monthly Income Potential: $2-$200
  • Payout Methods: Cash & Gift cards of PayPal & Amazon, etc.
  • Minimum payout Threshold: $5 for PayPal & $2 for an Amazon Gift card.


  • There are multiple ways of earnings available.
  • It has a well-designed & easy to navigate website.
  • PrizeRebel is among the best GPT websites.
  • High-quality surveys are provided.
  • They give the convenience of flexible payout options.
  • Available worldwide in almost all countries.
  • Loyal members are rewarded with bonuses & upgraded account levels.
  • Low minimum payout balance requirement.
  • The first payout gets automatically processed within 24 hours of the request initiated.
  • Better income opportunity than many other GPT & survey sites.


  • You may get disqualified from surveys many times.
  • High-income potential for a limited number of countries.
  • They allow only one member of a household/family to join & create a PrizeRebel account.
  • They don’t provide a PrizeRebel app.
  • Earnings ways other than surveys & their affiliate program are relatively low paying.
  • The parent company of PrizeRebel isn’t much transparent, as they don’t disclose information about their ownership, revenue, employees, etc.


  • The PrizeRebel customer support is satisfactory like other GPT sites, not excellent.
  • If your account level is lower than Gold, the payout request is manually processed and usually takes more time.
  • The third-party websites associated with PrizeRebel have their own privacy policy, and that puts your data at risk. But, this is common with all the other GPT & survey sites.

Final Verdict: Is PrizeRebel worth it to consume your device’s battery?

Haven’t you made up your mind yet?

After reading this post & sailing all this while?

You must join PrizeRebel & continue to be on board their ship for a long duration to enjoy the journey. It will not be a smooth sail, and you’ll encounter many difficulties because nothing is flawless, yet with persistence, you’ll not return empty-handed.

And as far as your battery is concerned, if you earn points apart from watching videos, it will NOT be a big deal, and the profits that you’ll reap would certainly be worth it.

It is also recommended to join more than one GPT site to maximize your earnings. You can go with Swagbucks (made by Prodege, LLC), ySense (owned & managed by Prodege, LLC), instaGC, & Toluna (traditional survey website).

All are well known and offer similar ways to earn and are basically related to each other like brothers/sisters & cousins.

Finally, I finish this off with a piece of brilliant quote that Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday” if you have the desire to earn online, now is the best time to take action and start the good deed.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, and don’t hesitate to share it with others if you did.

Any other queries or feedback related to this topic will be appreciated, also I’m always available at your service in the comment section provided below.

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