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Are you looking for a PTC site to earn money online? There several of them available on the Internet. So many users get confused which one to choose that is legit & gives the highest paying opportunity.

Do you want to know about Minerva-Clicks? It is also a PTC site that is growing at a rapid rate, and here you’ll find a comprehensive review and a guide to Minerva-Clicks. All your queries and doubts will be cleared, and you’ll be able to take the correct decision whether to join this platform or not.

What is Minerva-Clicks?

Minerva-Clicks is a PTC site (Paid To Click website) which was founded in 2018. It is relatively a new PTC site that has been getting a great response after its introduction. The main business model is to provide commission to their members for clicking, viewing ads & from referrals.

Minerva-Clicks is similar to all the other PTC sites, they act as a middlemen between the advertisers and the internet users. The advertisers pay Minerva-Clicks to display their advertisment on their website. Those Internet users who are interested in earning some extra money join those PTC sites. The users have to click and view the advertisements and a small amount gets credited into their account.

Is Minerva-Clicks legit or Spam?

Although Minerva-Clicks came up recently and is a new player but it is NOT a scam website. It is legit and has become a top competitor to the other PTC sites within a short span of time.

Minerva-Clicks has crossed over 18,000 members and has paid them more than $26,000. The number is not staggering, but given the time period they took to touch the same is remarkable. The members have given a good feedback and provided several payment proofs stating that Minerva-Clicks is a genuine website.

How does Minerva-Clicks work?

Minerva-Clicks is a PTC site as already mentioned. So there will be two categories of people who will look forward to join Minerva-Clicks.

The first category will be the advertisers who want to advertise their website or product on the Internet. These advertisers don’t have a high budget and also the quality of their site is low. Therefore they choose PTC sites for advertisment where traffic is bound to arrive on their site irrespective of its status. The advertisers will pay Minerva-Clicks a fees for displaying the ads. The major part of revenue of all the PTC sites comes from the advertisers.

The second category of people are those who are looking to earn extra income. They join PTC sites as members and click and view the advertisments of the advertisers to earn some money.

Minerva-Clicks will act as middlemen between them and pay their members a small commission from the fees paid by the advertisers. They currently offer only PTC tasks and not GPT tasks. The payment methods with its terms & conditions for advertisers and members are explained further.

Are there any charges for registering as Member with Minerva-Clicks?

No, there isn’t any charges to register yourself with any PTC site including Minerva-Clicks. It is initially absolutely free to join the network.

The members after registration get a free account, but mostly all PTC sites offer their members the option to upgrade their accounts to premium by paying some charges. The premium account members get additional benefits and higher payment as compared to the free account users. It is completely dependent on the individuals choice whether to upgrade their account or not.

How to Sign Up for Minerva-Clicks?

  • The interested users can directly visit the homepage from this link provided here.
  • They can also visit their homepage via any of the search engines.
  • There you have to click on the registration option provided on the top of the page.

  • Fill in the form and provide your correct email address.

  • After clicking on the REGISTER option, Minerva-Clicks will send an email to the email address that you have entered.

  • Visit your inbox and click on the activation link to activate your account.
  • You’ll then become a member of Minerva-Clicks who can earn money via viewing and clicking their advertisements.

How to Make Money with Minerva-Clicks?

The main method to earn money on Minerva-Clicks is to click on the advertisements that are displayed. After clicking the member will be redirected towards the advertisers site where you have to view it for atleast 10 seconds.

The other method is by using referrals, when you refer others to join Minerva-Clicks using their banners or your referral link then you will earn a commission.

How much Can I Earn From Minerva-Clicks?

You are NOT going to get rich by using this or any other PTC sites. These sites including Minerva-Clicks requires lots of efforts and time to earn a meaningful income without investment. Those members who upgrade their accounts to paid plans earn more and easily than compared to the free members.

The per click rate of Minerva-Clicks is not fixed and is in anywhere near $0.001 for free account users. You can do the math and guess the rough estimate that you’ll earn from this PTC site.

Payment methods of Minerva-Clicks

The minimum payout balance requirement in Minerva-Clicks is $4 for the first payout, it will increase by $1 on every payout till it reaches the maximum limit amount of $10.

The payment processors supported by Minerva-Clicks are as follows :-

  • PerfectMoney
  • Payeer
  • Skrill
  • Cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, Ethereum & Dash

There are several payment proofs provided by the members which makes them a trusted PTC site that is genuine.

Pros and Cons of Minerva-Clicks

Everything has both good and bad, even Minerva-Clicks is not perfect. After reading this you will get an insight into the picture.

Pros of Minerva-Clicks

  • It is a completely free to join platform.
  • There are lots of postive reviews from their members.
  • It is among the fastest growing PTC sites and has become quite reliable.
  • They offer email support and assistance to resolve the issues faced by their members.
  • Low minimum payout of $4 with multiple payment methods.

Cons of Minerva-Clicks

  • The owner of the website is still fixing the bugs and yet it isn’t a completely established PTC site.
  • It permits only one account per household, those who violate this condition get all their accounts terminated.
  • The website is not well designed and isn’t mobile friendly.
  • The advertisments that are displayed by the advertisers is not of the highest quality. It looks like spam and is not very useful.
  • Low rate of commission per click.


Minerva-Clicks is new in this PTC business, but is looking like a solid player from its prospect. If you are searching for the absolute best PTC sites to make money. Here are the Top & the best PTC sites that are recommended to join.

The decision to enroll and create an account on any of the PTC sites is relatively dependent on an Individual’s choice. The free account members will generally get their pay equal to the amount of peanuts. So, if you are not willing to invest your time and money. Then the reward is certainly very less.

If you have any other doubts or queries on Minerva-Clicks, feel free to write below in the comment section to get it solved.