Bidvertiser Review 2019: Can You Make Money By Using Bidvertiser?

Have you got a blog or a website?

Want to earn some quick & easy money by displaying ads on it?

For that you require a good online advertising network. You must have already heard about AdSense who is the best & can even make you rich.

Did you apply for Google AdSense & got their approval?

If you weren’t approved, then there are many AdSense alternatives available to monetize a website. But, not all ad networks are legit & they may not provide high quality – high paying ads.

So, surely not many publishers would want to ruin their web performance, web design, & annoy their visitors by displaying irrelevant ads on their websites for the sake of a couple of bucks.

Wondering if BidVertiser is suitable for your website?

You’ll soon learn everything about BidVertiser & get your answer, as here is a comprehensive guide & a review of BidVertiser.

Disclosure:- This is a honest BidVertiser review that determines the quality & status of a website based on parameters like personal experience, user ratings/reviews, company ownership, earning potential, payment punctuality, worldwide availability, types of advertisers/clients, customer support, user-experience, ad types, domain authority, and many other factors.

What is Bidvertiser?

BidVertiser is one of the oldest advertising network available on the Internet, the first thing that comes into a publisher’s mind when talking about monetization of a website is AdSense.

So, is BidVertiser an alternative that is similar to AdSense?

Well, BidVertiser is an AdSense alternative & among its leading competitors, but not quite similar as it is a non-contextual advertising network that displays irrevelant or random ads on a website.

Is Bidvertiser Legit & Safe?

BidVertiser is an online advertising network which is owned by Bpath Ltd, it is one of the oldest online advertising networks and has been operational since 2008.

BidVertiser is among the leading competitors of AdSense. The basic principle of BidVertiser is similar to every online advertising network. BidVertiser acts as a middleman between the advertisers and the publishers. There are several advertisers who bid to display their ads on the sites of the publishers. The ads of the highest bidders will be chosen to appear on the publisher’s site.

All the online advertising networks work on the same principle. They negotiate and create ease of doing business along with providing a hassle-free experience for the publishers.

Bidvertiser or AdSense which one to choose?

Google AdSense is an online advertising network which was started by Google. The brand of Google is the most popular and influential in the world of the Internet. The first thing that comes into every publisher’s mind while talking about monetization of a blog is AdSense. The best online advertising network is certainly Google AdSense. There are several competitors of AdSense, but none of them is worthy or capable of generating revenue as AdSense.

If AdSense is better than BidVertiser, then the real question that arises is Why to choose BidVertiser?. Those sites that are rejected or banned from AdSense look out for alternatives. The best alternative for an individual website may vary according to the status of the site.

BidVertiser is recommended among many other advertising networks as the best alternative to AdSense. The major difference between BidVertiser and AdSense is the stringent policy of AdSense as compared to the relatively lenient policy of BidVertiser. There are various key differences like the eligibility criteria, approval process, earning differences among others that are further compared & highlighted all across the post.

AdSense & BidVertiser both have pros and cons. The comparison between them is an important aspect that determines the benefits of using BidVertiser.

What are the Eligibility Requirements for Publishers in Bidvertiser?

BidVertiser has the easiest eligibility criteria among all the online advertising networks for publishers. BidVertiser has the following set of Terms & Conditions that is explained below.

  • The self-hosted website with a custom domain is eligible for BidVertiser.
  • The free users or with default [example] URL & URL, etc can also become eligible provided they meet certain requirements. The necessary conditions are provided further.
  • There is no minimum traffic volume required for BidVertiser.
  • There are no restrictions on the language of the content.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age to participate in BidVertiser.
  • The quality of the content doesn’t matter. Those sites who have grammatical errors are also eligible for BidVertiser.
  • The site must have appropriate content or inappropriate adult content is not acceptable.

Now, comparing this with Google AdSense eligibility requirements. AdSense has the following Terms & Conditions. It varies and depends on the geographical location or the region of the publisher. The common and important ones are highlighted and explained below.

  • The webmaster must be the owner of the website with a custom domain. Those who are users of the free plan are ineligible for AdSense.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age to become eligible for AdSense.
  • The website should be active for at least 6 months.
  • The site should have good quality content to get approved. There should be a less grammatical error.
  • The traffic volume is not much emphasized.
  • The site must have a Family Safe content, or inappropriate adult content is not acceptable.

BidVertiser has basically simple & easy eligibility criteria for publishers whereas AdSense has very strict policy and is quite difficult to get approved.

The free users or with default [example] URL & URL, etc have to comply with the following conditions below to become eligible for BidVertiser.

  • The site must have high traffic volume.
  • The site must be active for many months.
  • The site must have a good reputation and quality content.
  • The site must have many posts with real comments.
  • The site must have unique content and a search engines presence.
  • The site is regularly updated and has links with other high-quality sites.

These conditions are comparatively tougher but are necessary for those sites that aren’t self-hosted. BidVertiser gives the opportunity to these sites to monetize their blogs and generate income from it. Those sites that meet the above-mentioned requirements are eligible to join BidVertiser. These publishers have to contact BidVertiser via a support ticket and give their application for getting approved.

The publishers who don’t meet the aforesaid requirements but want to monetize their sites using an online advertising network they have to either purchase a paid hosting plan or migrate their existing site to self-hosted.

What is the Approval Process & Restrictions for Publishers in Bidvertiser?

BidVertiser has an automatic approval of for those sites that meet their eligibility criteria. The publishers have to fill the sign-up form, and they instantly approve the application. The publishers get a BidVertiser account and an email as confirmation. You’ll have to submit a Website verification to verify the ownership of the site. BidVertiser provides a code that has to be embedded in any of the Web pages of your site. Phone verification is also necessary to get your account activated after the completion of this verification process. You’ll then be able to monetize your site by displaying ads.

BidVertiser has stated in its terms & conditions that they will terminate the account of those sites who violate their following guidelines below.

  • The site must not contain, promote or have links to sexually explicit or violent material.
  • The site must not promote, depict or have links to material that promotes or depicts discrimination based on race, gender, religion, national origin, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation or age.
  • The site must not contain unlawful material including but not limited to materials that may violate another’s intellectual property rights, or have links to a site that contains such material.
  • The site must not contain information or have links to a site that provides information or promotes illegal activity.
  • The site that is under development or not yet completed will be rejected.
  • The site must not have a fraudulent traffic source or trick the visitors into clicking the ads. The publishers shouldn’t click the ads on their site. Those publishers who indulge in such activities will get their BidVertiser accounts terminated & banned.

How to Sign up for Bidvertiser?

The publishers who meet the eligibility criteria and want to monetize their sites with BidVertiser have to follow the steps given below to sign up for the advertising network.

  • You’ll have to first visit the homepage of BidVertiser or directly click this link here Monetize your Website or Blog with BidVertiser.
  • Then you’ll have to go to the publisher’s page and click on the Monetize your Traffic button.

  • The next step is you’ll have to correctly fill up the sign-up form. After filling the basic information, click on the Get Activation Code button and a code will be sent to the provided email address. Don’t close the sign-up page and open your mailbox in another window. Insert the activation code and agree to the terms & conditions.

  • After clicking on the Register Account button, you’ll be taken to register your site. There you’ll have to give the title of your site, domain name, the primary language, category and the subcategory that best suits the content of the site.

  • The next step after submitting it is phone verification, enter your phone number and click on the submit button. Then fill in the code that you received on your phone.

  • After the process is completed and you get a BidVertiser account. You will have to verify your domain in order to start displaying ads. Click on the Native Ads Widget Generator or Banner/Pop Widget Generator and then again Click on the Generate Code Button that appears and you’ll get the code. Copy the code and paste it in any of the web pages of your site. Then come back at your BidVertiser account page and Click on the Not Verified option in the red color. You’ll then have to Click on the Verify button that will appear in green color. Your website will be verified and you’ll be able to display ads on your site.

  • The overall process of BidVertiser is quick and simple. Those publishers who once complete the sign-up process can easily display ads on their website. There are many types of ads available to choose, and you have to only copy & paste the code into your site. Those ads will then appear on your site.

How do the Bidvertiser Advertisements look like?

BidVertiser gives publishers the option to select the type of ad banner they would like to display on their site. There are many categories of ads available that have a different appearance, size, shape & format. BidVertiser has a wide range of Mobile & Desktop ads that are suitable for every site. There are many other types of ads offered by BidVertiser that is further explained.

BidVertiser is not a contextual ad, network and that becomes a negative aspect of using BidVertiser. It means that the ads that will be displayed on your site would not necessarily be related to the content of your site. The advertisers who bid the highest amount will be chosen irrespective of the advertisement they are promoting. The publishers should wisely choose the placement option and shouldn’t sacrifice the appearance and speed of their sites by placing too many ad banners. The publisher should keep the visitors as their top priority before selecting & placing the ads.

Below are some examples of the ads offered by BidVertiser, you can select the size & shape of the banners and place the ads anywhere on your site.

Display Ads- These are the most commonly used ads that are in the form of banners, or other ad formats made of texts, images, flash, video, and audio, etc.

BidVertiser offers the banners in the following sizes and shapes.

  • Medium Rectangle (300 X 250)
  • Large Rectangle (336 X 280)
  • Full Banner (468 X 60)
  • Leader Board (728 X 90)
  • Wide Skyscraper (160 X 600)
  • Skyscraper (120 X 600)

These are standard banner names & sizes.

Pop-Under Ads- They will not appear immediately when the user visits the page, they appear in a new window after closing the initial window. These type of ads causes inconvenience and annoys the regular visitors of your site.

Slider Ads- These type of ads appear when the users open the window. They move along with the page as the user browses & scrolls the webpage. They are visible unless the user closes it through the closing button. They block the content & are annoying to the visitors. These ads aren’t recommended along with Pop-Under Ads for those publishers who give priority to providing the best content to the visitors.

XML Feeds- XML is a data delivery language that stands for Extensible Markup Language. It simply displays the information of the advertiser on the search index rather than the pages of your site.

Comparing the ad formats between AdSense & BidVertiser . AdSense provides Display ads format and has launched a new ad placement option called AdSense Auto Ads. It automatically selects the best placement location at your site and places the ads. The quality of ads displayed by AdSense is also much better than BidVertiser. AdSense is comparatively superior to BidVertiser in this aspect.

How much Can I Earn from Bidvertiser?

The publishers should note that online advertising network is not an easy way to earn money. There are several factors that affect the amount of income that a site generates. The question How much Can I Earn from BidVertiser? is bound to arise.

You’ll have to first understand that BidVertiser uses three methods of CPC, CPM, and CPA to determine the rate of commission. BidVertiser hasn’t set any fixed value for them, and the rate depends upon the amount the advertisers are willing to pay for displaying the ads on a site. Thus, estimation of the earnings is not possible, and the amount varies for every website.

BidVertiser has defined a quality score for each website in their network. The quality score is segmented into 10 levels from 0 to 9, where 9 represents the highest quality score. It is calculated on the basis of ROI (Return of Investment) level of a website for the advertisers. The advertisers will generally pay more for an established website with high traffic. There will be a difference in the rate of commission based on the geographical location of the visitors generated. BidVertiser also gives importance to those sites that generate most of its traffic from mobile than desktop users.

The publishers have to establish and build a top quality site to achieve a high-quality score. Those sites that will have a low-quality score for a long duration can’t generate a meaningful income from BidVertiser.

BidVertiser has a variety of methods that gives the publisher the opportunity to maximize their revenue. The publishers will also earn extra income when there is a conversion from a click. The conversion is based on the type of ad, for example, a conversion occurs when the user purchases a product via clicking on the banner that displays a product on your site. This process of conversion increases the overall revenue generated through a website.

The rate of CPC provided by BidVertiser is lower than that of AdSense despite the bidding process of the advertisers. The income generated through BidVertiser will certainly be less than AdSense. Therefore, BidVertiser is only an alternative to AdSense to monetize your website.

Payment Methods of Bidvertiser

The current payment methods of BidVertiser are as follows :

  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin
  • Check
  • Bank Wire

BidVertiser offers payments in United States Dollars & Cheque payment is issues only to the publishers of USA and Canada. The publishers of other nations can opt for PayPal, Bank transfer or via Bitcoin.

BidVertiser issues payments on a monthly basis with a minimum balance requirement of $10 for PayPal, $100 for Cheque & Bitcoin, $500 for Bank transfer. Those publishers who don’t meet the minimum balance requirements will have their earnings rolled over for next month until it gets eligible.

The low minimum balance requirement for withdrawal via PayPal is an advantage of using BidVertiser than other online advertising networks.

What are the benefits & drawbacks of using Bidvertiser?

Pros of BidVertiser

  • There is an automatic approval process without any major requirements. Every publisher can use BidVertiser to monetize their website.
  • BidVertiser chooses the ads of the highest bidders to display on your site that is beneficial for the publishers.
  • They provide the higher commission, and the overall earnings of the publisher are better than many other online advertising networks.
  • It provides several types of ads that are suitable for every site.
  • They use various methods like CPC, CPM & CPA to generate the highest revenue for the publishers.
  • BidVertiser offers multiple payment methods with a low minimum payout balance requirement.
  • BidVertiser is a reliable alternative to AdSense.

Cons of BidVertiser

  • BidVertiser is not the best alternative to AdSense.
  • It is not a contextual ad network, or the ads they display are not relevant to the content of the website.
  • The CPC rate of BidVertiser is lower than AdSense.
  • The rate of commission is different for every site.
  • They display low-quality ads that are unsatisfactory.
  • It doesn’t provide an automatic ad placement option.

Final Verdict

BidVertiser is not the best alternative to AdSense. There are several other better online advertising networks available. Those publishers who are unable to get AdSense approval and want to monetize their sites without a self-hosted website can opt for BidVertiser. It is overall a good network that provides immediate monetization of a website.

Every publisher should serve the best content to the visitors than display many ads on their sites. Those who monetize their sites using any advertising network should do it in moderation. There are various ways to monetize your site & the best method depends on the status of your site.

If you have any other query related to BidVertiser, you can write below in the comment section.Jetpack