The Best 9 Ultimate PTC Sites

The Best 9 Ultimate PTC (Get Paid To Click) Sites in 2020

Do you want to earn money from the comfort of your home without doing much hard work?

If yes, then you would have searched the Internet for this question How to Make Money Online?

You would have got several answers, and among them will be through PTC sites.

But, Do you know What is a PTC site?

Well, PTC stands for Paid To Click and a website that pays its users mainly to watch & click on the advertisements or do any other activities that require a lot of clicking is known as a Paid To Click Website or a PTC site.

These sites were initially PTC based, but later many of them changed to GPT (Get Paid To) sites by including more earning ways like taking surveys, completing other tasks, etc along with providing a PTC option to earn.

If you are looking to create an extra source of income from PTC sites, then go ahead and read further.

Here you’ll find the list of the best and the top highest paying PTC websites that are trusted and are also legit & free to join without any investment.

Also, If you want to make more money from PTC sites, you must join more than one PTC site to increase your overall earnings.

Top 9 Best PTC Websites For 2020

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is the best ever PTC site founded in 2008 by Prodege, LLC (a very trusted company based in the USA) and currently has more than 20 million members on its platform who have been paid a massive amount of over $400 million.

It has grown at a rapid rate and provides the best income opportunity than any other PTC site. Swagbucks is actually more of a GPT site than a PTC site but offers the best & easiest earning ways to its members.

Swagbucks uses a point-based system termed as SBs and gives you points for the tasks you complete. The points can be converted into US dollars and redeemed via gift cards of Amazon, etc, or as cash through PayPal, etc.


  • Completely Free Platform with no investment required.
  • Highest earning potential for part-time work.
  • High ratings & positive reviews on Trustpilot & SiteJabber for many years.
  • Very Popular & highly reputed parent company of Prodege, LLC.
  • They provide mobile apps that are compatible with both Android & iOS.
  • Multiple earning methods are available to boost your income.
  • Everyone in your family/household can join Swagbucks.
  • Good & friendly Customer Support.
  • Well designed, mobile-friendly, & very easy to use the website.
  • You’ll get a lot of bonus points.


  • You’ll have to follow their rules, or else they may deactivate your account.
  • You will not qualify for every survey.
  • It is not available worldwide.

Join Swagbucks

(Read the Full Swagbucks Review here)

2. ySense (ClixSense)

ySense is a top class PTC site earlier known as ClixSense. It was originally created in 2007 and bought by Prodege, LLC in 2019 and they changed its name to ySense.

ClixSense was a prime PTC website, but they also added multiple earning ways like a GPT site. It is still among the most popular PTC sites available on the Internet. They are reliable and have paid their users millions of dollars.

ySense doesn’t give you points, but directly credits the money (in US dollars) to your ySense account.


  • Completely Free & legitimate PTC site.
  • It is now managed by Prodege, LLC.
  • Multiple earning ways are available to maximize your income.
  • Every member of your family can join ySense.
  • Well designed & easy to use website.
  • Their per click rate is higher than other PTC sites.
  • Flexible payout options are available.
  • Very Good & fast Customer Support.
  • They provide mobile apps that are compatible with both Android & iOS.
  • It is available worldwide in almost all the countries.


  • They don’t provide a mobile app.
  • You may NOT get multiple surveys instantly and you’ll have to wait sometimes.
  • Has become similar to Swagbucks, only big difference is that they are available Worldwide.

Join ySense

(Note: The ySense ratings/reviews on TrustPilot has been around only since a few months & will change, thus it wasn’t considered very important in this rankings. For more info read the conclusion)

3. PrizeRebel

  • Ratings: 3.4/5 (from 120+ users) on TrustPilot
  • Earning Potential: (0 to $150 monthly)
  • Available in: Worldwide Countries
  • Support: 3/5

PrizeRebel is a highly reliable PTC site that started in 2007 by iAngelic, Inc (USA). It has also become more of a GPT site and has gained over 10 million members on its platform who have been paid more than $21 million.

PrizeRebel is trusted and offers various methods to earn points that can later be converted to cash, but is mostly known for providing quality high paying surveys.


  • It is among the oldest & completely free PTC sites.
  • Multiple earning ways are available.
  • It is also available worldwide in several countries.
  • Their website too is responsive and easy to navigate.
  • They also offer multiple payout options, including gift cards of Amazon & cash through PayPal, etc.
  • Low minimum payout balance requirement of $2 available.


  • Only one account is allowed per family/household.
  • They don’t provide a PrizeRebel mobile app.
  • Average customer support as they take their own time to reply.
  • Their tasks other than surveys are somewhat low paying.
Join PrizeRebel

(Read the Full PrizeRebel Review here)

4. GrabPoints

GrabPoints is a relatively new PTC site founded in 2014 and is currently owned by Reward Holdings Limited (based in Hong Kong). It has grown fast like Swagbucks and is legitimate with a lot of users who are frequently paid and satisfied.

Its working is quite similar to the other sites you have read above. You can take paid surveys, surf & click websites, search the web, shop online, watch videos, download apps, and much more for points that can be later redeemed as cash or via gift cards.


  • No investment needed, as it’s fully free.
  • Easy to use & well-designed mobile friendly website.
  • Different earning ways are available.
  • It is also available in several countries.
  • Low minimum payout balance of only $3 required.


  • Less information is available for its current managing company.
  • They allow two accounts per household/family with different email addresses. That means your one account plus one for your family member only.
  • No mobile app provided, it was available earlier but not now.
  • Lower paying surveys & tasks for users of some countries.

Join GrabPoints

(Read the Full GrabPoints Review here)

(Note: GrabPoints is still less popular & is growing, but it has got some great potential to even become the absolute best in the future)

5. InboxDollars

  • Ratings: 4.1/5 (from 8.9K+ users) on TrustPilot
  • Earning Potential: (0 to $200 monthly)
  • Available in: USA and its territories only
  • Support: 5/5

InboxDollars is another famous PTC website bought by Prodege LLC in 2019. It was originally created in 2000 and still runs under the management of its old company & its old features. InboxDollars is available only for the users living in the United States & its territories.
You can easily earn by completing surveys, watching TV, searching the web, reading paid emails, and by many other exciting things. And like ySense they directly pay in cash (US dollars) and not in points.


  • Completely Free PTC site, you’ll have to never pay anything.
  • Positive reviews on TrustPilot.
  • Various earning ways are provided.
  • User-friendly website.
  • They have the InboxDollars app that works on both Android & iOS devices.
  • Very Good Customer Support as they respond quickly.
  • They also give a lot bonuses and even a bonus of $5 when you signup for InboxDollars.


  • A high minimum payout balance of $30 required.
  • If your account remains inactive for 6 months, it will get deactivated, and you may lose all your earnings.
  • They allow only one account per household/family.
  • It is not available worldwide.

Join InboxDollars
(Read the Full InboxDollars Review here)

6. NeoBux

  • Ratings: 2.9/5 (from 80+ users) on SiteJabber
  • Earning Potential: (0 to $10 monthly)
  • Available in: Worldwide Countries
  • Support: 1/5

NeoBux is an overrated PTC site founded in 2008 and owned by NeoDev Lda (based in Portugal). It also has other earning ways like taking surveys, completing tasks, etc but its primary business model is based on pay to click ads.

NeoBux is only a decent PTC site to earn some money and NOT a great PTC site as claimed by some bloggers & YouTubers.


  • NeoBux is Genuine and has really paid its users.
  • It is also available worldwide in several countries.
  • For the first payout, a low minimum balance of only $2 required.


  • Not a completely Free platform, they have paid membership plans.
  • Low earning potential, and it takes several months to make a decent sum of money.
  • Your account will get permanently suspended if it is inactive for only 60 days, and you may also lose all your earnings.
  • If your family members each have a separate computer/laptop, all of your family/household members can join NeoBux.
  • No App & Not even a mobile-friendly website provided: You have to compulsorily click on the ads using your computer/laptop only. Mobile phones/tablets aren’t allowed, and if you don’t follow this rule, your account will get suspended.
  • No Customer Support: You can’t directly contact NeoBux via email, etc. You can only write your problem on their forum page and wait for a reply.
  • Fewer payout options only via Skrill, NETELLER, AirTM & Tipalti given. No PayPal nor any gift cards available.


(Read the Full NeoBux Review Here)

7. PaidVerts

  • Ratings: 3.3/5 (from only 11 users) on TrustPilot
  • Earning Potential: (0 to $10 monthly)
  • Available in: Worldwide Countries
  • Support: 2/5

PaidVerts is also a relatively newer PTC site that started in 2014 and owned by Linstow LP (based in Scotland). Like NeoBux the basic mode to earn on PaidVerts is through clicking on ads, and also some other methods of earnings are available.

PaidVerts uses a unique point-based system to decide your per click rate of commission. So, everyone will not get equal earning opportunity nor high paying ads to click.

But many bloggers & YouTubers say PaidVerts is a very popular PTC site. It is NOT true, and the reality is that it’s only a fair PTC site with some users who have been paid & are really satisfied.


  • PaidVerts is a legit PTC site.
  • They provide a mobile app.
  • It is also available worldwide in many countries.
  • Their payout options include cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin & Litecoin.


  • They offer payout via Payza, whose founders were arrested in a money laundering case in the United States. Payza is also banned in the USA & other countries, and PaidVerts doesn’t provide PayPal.
  • Not a completely Free PTC site, they have several paid membership plans.
  • A low earning potential that is not really worthy.
  • Account maintenance fees will be charged per day.
  • Every household/family can have only one account.
  • No common per click rate provided to all their members.
  • Customer support is NOT good.


(Read the Full PaidVerts Review Here)

(Note: If PaidVerts (managed by Linstow LP) continues to be associated with Payza, it will harm their business, and they’ll soon lose many users)

8. Scarlet-Clicks

  • Ratings: 3.9/5 (from only 6 users) on TrustPilot
  • Earning Potential: (0 to $5 monthly)
  • Available in: All Countries
  • Support: 2/5

Scarlet-Clicks is a low-quality PTC site founded in 2009 and owned by Media Flow DOO, [based in Montenegro (in Europe)].

They too offer other earning ways, but their per click rate of commission is very lower than their competitors. It is overall a genuine PTC site that has also really paid something to its members.


  • They have multiple payout options.
  • Low minimum payout balance required of only $2.
  • It is available in each and every country.


  • Not a completely Free platform, you’ll need to invest in their paid membership plan to earn some good money.
  • Very Low earning potential: Many haven’t able to make even $1.
  • Negative Reviews & low ratings.
  • Very Bad website design & not a mobile-friendly website with no mobile app provided.
  • If your account is inactive for just 30 days, it will get suspended & you will lose all the balance that was in your account.
  • Only one account in your household/family is allowed.
  • Poor quality ads are available.


(Read the Full Scarlet-Clicks Review Here)

9. GPTPlanet

  • Ratings: NOT AVAILABLE
  • Earning Potential: (0 to $5 monthly)
  • Available in: All Countries
  • Support: 2/5

GPTPlanet is another PTC site started by the maker of Scarlet-Clicks in 2010. It too is currently managed & owned by Media Flow, DOO. So, they both are a complete copy of each other & don’t have any major difference between them. Only thing is that the number of users of Scarlet-Clicks is more than that of GPTPlanet.


  • Low minimum payout balance only $1 needed.
  • Available in all the countries of our world.
  • Same multiple payout options like Scarlet-Clicks.


  • A full copy of Scarlet-Clicks, including its features & even the drawbacks.
  • No ratings available and reviews are mostly negative.
  • It isn’t a completely Free PTC site, they charge fees to upgrade your membership.
  • Earning Potential is very low.
  • Each household/family can have only one account.
  • If your account is inactive for only 60 days, it will get suspended, and you’ll lose all your earnings.
  • Website design is poor and isn’t mobile-friendly, nor a mobile app is provided.
  • Bad quality ads will be displayed.


( Read the Full GPTPlanet Review Here )


I want to save your time & electricity. And that is why I’m beforehand telling you that you’ll NOT become rich by clicking anything on any website.

Also, I recommend only the top 5 given PTC sites that are Swagbucks, ySense, PrizeRebel, GrabPoints & InboxDollars because they are high paying and are guaranteed to credit your earnings into your PayPal account or give you gift cards, etc.

Whereas, I do NOT personally recommend the last 4 listed PTC sites.

Although, they have made it to this list because they are genuine & do pay their users. Still, I don’t want to recommend them, as they have lot of drawbacks & WILL suck your device’s battery, and in return pay only a few bucks (around 1 to 10 USD in a year). And you’ll just end up paying that little money for the electricity bill.

You should also beware as many bloggers & YouTubers claim and show a payment proof that they earn more than $200 per month via PTC sites. They may have earned it, but only by referring others using their referral links (affiliate links) of these PTC sites.

As the real fact is that nobody can consistently earn more than $100 every single month from one or two PTC sites for a whole calendar year and that too by clicking on ads or doing any other stuff like participating in surveys, etc.

Another important thing is that your earnings depend heavily upon the country where you live. Because users of some countries (mainly in North American & European region) get better or even the best-earning opportunities with the highest paying surveys, higher per click rates, etc.

And users of some countries (mainly in Asian & African region) might get lower earning opportunities with less quantity of surveys, lower per-click rates, etc.

So, in short, not everyone will have a good experience, nor they’ll earn well from PTC sites.

But, If you believe in something is better than nothing, you can go with PTC sites. You’ll have to keep patience for your earnings to increase and become worthy enough for you to use it for some useful purpose.

Disclaimer: The rankings of the given PTC sites are completely honest and based on my personal experiences, multiple user reviews & ratings (available at the time of writing this article), monthly income potential, worldwide availability, complaints, company’s reputation & payment punctuality, payment methods, customer support response, and much more factors are considered.

PTC (Paid To Click) Websites FAQs

What are PTC sites?

As already discussed in the intro, The full form of PTC is PAID TO CLICK, and a site that pays to click & watch ads or also pays to do any other tasks that involve clicking on their websites are known as PTC sites.

How do PTC sites work?

A PTC site simply connects Internet users like you & me to the advertisers/brands. There are a lot of brands & some websites that want to advertise their products/services or just want to get traffic to their sites.

So, these advertisers pay PTC sites a fee to display their ads, surveys, etc. And when we the users view & click those ads, we get paid a small commission from these PTC sites.

Thus, all this is a business where PTC sites are middlemen who pocket a lot of money & give out little to the users.

Are PTC sites legit & safe?

Not all PTC sites are safe & legitimate. As several PTC sites are running on the Internet, but many turn out to be pure scams because they pay nothing to their users. So, to avoid wasting your time, it is very important to choose only the best & the top PTC sites.

Which PTC sites really pay?

Many PTC sites really pay like Swagbucks, ySense, PrizeRebel, GrabPoints, InboxDollars, etc.

If you want to share any thoughts or queries related to PTC sites, then I would love to hear them, and even the comment section below is just waiting for that.

Full Disclosure: I have included some affiliate links in this article, and that means if you click on it and sign up on those PTC sites, I could receive a commission at no extra cost to you.

However, I promote only those products/services that I personally use or find worthy enough to give you the best user experience & satisfaction.

And that is why I did NOT become an affiliate for the last 4 listed PTC sites (NeoBux, PaidVerts, Scarlet-Clicks, & GPTPlanet), nor have I included any of their links, as they pay little money and majority of their users remain unsatisfied.

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  1. A few years back, I used to be a member of most of these sites. I have had a mixed experience there. Clixsense, for example, was my favorite site. But after they changed their business policy, it was sad to see it that way.
    I later heard about Paidverts too. However, charging account maintenance fees daily put me off a bit. As of now, I’m not active on even a single PTC site. Still, something worth joining for extra bucks in spare time?

    1. If you were a member of PTC sites, then you might already know that persistence is the key for getting the bucks out there.

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  3. I’m from Russia. Can’t access and – Can’t I register for them? Is it possible not to attract referrals? How much can you earn? Is there an opportunity to earn money on them using Pay-To-Promote?

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