About Review Guru

Today, what would you do when you don’t know something?

Will you simply ask our beloved Google about it.

Won’t you?

But, have you ever wondered if all the content & websites available on the Internet are trustworthy & safe to use?

For that also our beloved Google has a solution & will show you several results, & among them will be reviews.

I read many reviews related to various topics, but couldn’t finish reading most of them.

Because some of them were informative but quite boring like a plain textbook & never-ending like a maze,
some had placed ad banners everywhere & were not much honest,
and then there were also some exceptional & brilliant ones.

I got confused about what I was doin’? 
Whether I was reading blogs or changing my T.V channels?

So, that’s how I got a brainwave & I jumped into the vast world of the Internet to create this blog called Review Guru, to give the other bloggers some real competition & help them avoid laziness.

Here the main motto is to serve honest reviews, and everything else that one can find on the Internet with precise information, and at the same time is interesting to read.

For me, you are my priority, and every post I write is to help you understand everything with the utmost clarity.
So, you won’t need to juggle between blogs to find your answer.

Also, the journey of a blog isn’t easy nor a child’s play, as it may look from the outside.
I had created two other blogs, before starting this one, can you guess what happened to them?

Yes, they all failed & didn’t receive much appreciation, nor they could buy me a bunch of bananas. Back then, If I had got disappointed & gone nuts & then given up, then possibly you wouldn’t be able to read these words written in front of you.

“Failure is the secret ingredient for the recipe of Success” – Review Guru

Also, you can make this blog & its posts even better by giving your lovely feedback/opinion.

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