An Ultimate Guide And Review of WordAds for WordPress Sites

Do you want to know everything about Automattic’s WordAds?

If yes, then this is the right place to learn. Here you will get a comprehensive guide & review on WordAds.

This is for webmasters who have a blog or a website which is managed by WordPress and are looking for an answer to the question How to earn money from WordAds?.

There are several methods available on the Internet to monetize a website. It confuses the newbie publishers & those who want to generate income via the relatively easier method of online advertising network.

Apart from getting a clear understanding of WordAds, your knowledge about AdSense will also increase.
You’ll be able to choose the right platform to monetize your WordPress managed website.

What is WordAds?

WordAds is an online advertising network which is owned by Automattic, the company behind

WordAds is exclusively available to WordPress managed websites to enable monetization on their site. The users and the self-hosted websites are eligible to join WordAds.

This advertising platform called WordAds was created by Automattic Inc. to act as a middleman between the advertisers and the publishers.

The Advertisers bid & offer a huge amount of money to Automattic. They select many advertising partners and the webmaster is open to joining the WordAds program.

The publishers then earn money by displaying those ads suggested by the advertising partners on their WordPress managed websites. Automattic negotiates and creates ease of doing business. Thus, online advertising networks have a great strategy to generate income for each party involved.

There are other similar online advertising networks and the most popular among them is Google AdSense, they follow the same strategy but have a different set of terms & conditions. The comparison between AdSense & WordAds in detail is provided below.

How to become Eligible & get Approved for WordAds?

Every publisher can become eligible and get approved for WordAds provided they meet certain eligibility criteria.

The most important aspect of WordAds is the publisher should be a WordPress user. WordAds has the following Terms & Conditions that is explained below.

  • The website must have a custom domain as the primary domain. The free users or with default [example] URL is ineligible for WordAds.
  • The self-hosted users must have a Jetpack purchased & installed.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age to participate in Automattic’s WordAds.
  • The website must generate & maintain a high traffic level. The site must have a minimum of a thousand views per month to get approved for WordAds.
  • The website must have a Family Safe content or inappropriate content is not accepted.
  • A verified PayPal account is a must before applying for WordAds.

Now, comparing this with Google AdSense eligibility requirements. AdSense has its own set of Terms & Conditions. It varies and depends on the geographical location and region of the place. The important and common ones are highlighted and explained below.

  • The webmaster must be the owner of the website with a custom domain. users of the free plan are ineligible for AdSense.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age to become eligible for AdSense.
  • The website should be active for at least 6 months.
  • The site should have good quality content to get approved. The traffic level is not much emphasized.
  • The site must have a Family Safe content.

It is more difficult to get approved for AdSense. The major difference between WordAds & AdSense eligibility criteria is the amount of traffic generated. WordAds will easily approve those sites who generate high traffic irrespective of good quality content. AdSense has a strict policy to serve the best available content to internet users. They will reject the bad content with lots of errors. WordAds is relatively easier to get approved though it is not a child’s play. The publishers have to work hard to comply with its policy.

Those sites that don’t meet the aforesaid requirements can also become eligible for WordAds provided they follow the given instructions below.

  • Automattic already displays advertisements on those free users website without the consent of the publisher. They also don’t share the revenue generated through those websites with the publishers.
  • The free users who want to monetize their sites with any online advertising network including WordAds & AdSense have to buy a paid plan of or a Web Hosting. They have to upgrade their website and have a choice to either migrate to a self-hosted website or purchase a paid plan via
  • There is not much difference between the cost of a self-hosted and a paid plan of Both of the sites will be managed by WordPress and owned by the Webmaster through a Web Hosting platform. Those free users whose website generates high traffic can buy and upgrade their website through the paid plan offered by WordPress.
  • WordPress recommends BlueHost as it is the official Web Hosting platform for WordPress. Those free users who upgrade their site via indirectly purchase a BlueHost Web Hosting offered by There are three types of plans available on that includes the Personal, Premium and the Business Plan. Those who buy Premium or the Business plan become eligible for WordAds without any further requirements. Those who directly purchase the plan from the link provided here get an additional discount. If you are not satisfied with the product after buying it, you will easily get a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

  • BlueHost is also recommended for those who opt for a self-hosted website. The free users can also migrate their existing site to a self-hosted site using BlueHost. It is the best Web Hosting platform available on the Internet and is recommended by WordPress and all the professional bloggers who have a WordPress managed website. It has lots of advantage and provides the best services at nominal & affordable rates. Those who directly purchase a BlueHost plan here get a great discount offer plus free additional products. It also has an option of a full refund within 30 days of purchase.
  • The self-hosted websites have to purchase and install Automattic’s Jetpack to become eligible for WordAds.


  • The publishers who would follow the above instructions and have a website that generates high traffic will become eligible for WordAds. Every publisher should dedicate their website to a particular niche and search for various SEO tips related to their sites niche. It will boost the traffic generated & increase the Search Engine Rankings of their website. Those eligible publishers then should apply for WordAds to get approved and enable monetization for their website.

WordAds Vs AdSense – Which one to choose?

Google AdSense is an advertising network started by Google. The brand of Google is the largest and the most influential in the virtual world of the Internet. AdSense is perceived as the best and the easiest way to generate an online income.

Most people have already heard about AdSense. It is clear that those publishers who have a desire to earn money online, the first thing that comes into their mind is AdSense.

There are many established professional bloggers who have written about the hefty sum of the amount they earned via AdSense. Now, most imagine themselves earning through AdSense and then create a website and become a webmaster. Those who create a blog as a hobby will also prefer to earn money at some point from their blogs.
Then the real question arises which is the best method to monetize a website that will generate a stable income?

Everyone wants to take the easiest route available then online advertising networks seems to be the suitable & the simplest way to monetize a website.

There are millions of websites that are managed by WordPress. Most people choose WordPress because they can easily create a website without any technical requirement of coding. They on the basis of their requirements should choose a website or a self-hosted website. The difference between users and self-hosted users and their requirements to enable monetization is further mentioned in detail.

Automattic has created WordAds exclusively for WordPress users. Those sites that are managed by only WordPress are eligible to join Automattic’s WordAds.

Google AdSense is itself an advertising partner of Automattic’s WordAds amongst many other internet’s top ad suppliers. They are different online advertising networks but their motive is similar. It would be familiar to come across AdSense advertisements on WordAds banners.

The basic question for WordPress users is then WordAds or AdSense? – Which one to choose?

More than one advertising network will be a bad idea. There are lots of benefits with drawbacks between them. The comparison of WordAds with AdSense is drawn all across the post.

Google AdSense is the best online advertising network available whereas WordAds is relatively perceived as the best alternative to AdSense for WordPress managed websites. The popularity of AdSense is greater than WordAds. Everything has pros & cons including WordAds & AdSense. The best option for an individual may vary according to the status of the website. It is explained & highlighted further in the post the reason and the circumstances to choose the right platform between WordAds & AdSense based on an individual websites requirement.

Why choose WordAds?

There are several online advertising networks available to monetize a website. The best option is certainly AdSense, then when to choose WordAds?

WordAds is a suitable option for publishers who have a website that generates most of its traffic from the WordPress users but is unable to get an AdSense approval. These publishers will certainly get easily approved for WordAds and they don’t have to go through much of hassle to display the advertisements. The process of approval and the usage is quite simple and easy.

The First priority of any publisher to monetize their site must be AdSense and they should strive to get their website approved. Those websites that are rejected or banned from Google AdSense mostly opt for Automattic’s WordAds. It is the best alternative to AdSense than any other online advertising network. AdSense is the best because it provides the publisher with the highest income opportunity and pays more than its peers including WordAds. It doesn’t mean that those who use WordAds can’t generate a high income. The difference between the rate of commission & earnings of AdSense & WordAds is further explained. Those websites that are eligible and get approved for WordAds with high traffic will certainly generate a stable income. It is practically better to have something rather than nothing.

Everything has cons including WordAds, those publishers who have used WordAds to monetize their sites have given mixed responses and reviews. Therefore, we mostly recommend WordAds for those websites that generate high traffic but are unable to get an AdSense approval. Those sites that aren’t able to generate high and stable traffic should make their content better rather than trying different methods of monetization for their site.

What do the Advertisements of WordAds look Like?

WordAds displays advertisement on every free users website. Those users who have a bought paid plan have the option to run or stop the ads that are being displayed on their websites.

WordAds uses two placements options and the banners are of specific sizes with different shapes. The placement of the banners depends on the theme that is being used on the site. WordAds banner promotes various types of advertisements of their advertising partners and also of WordAds. The following are the examples of WordAds banner on a WordPress users website.

It is not always a great idea to display ads everywhere on the Web page. Ads slow down the loading speed of the website and too many ads can ruin the appearance of the site. WordAds keeps it in check and doesn’t display more than two or three ad banners on a single Web page. WordAds does all the placement of ads that make it convenient and easy to use.

The publishers don’t have any choice to select the advertisers & the type of advertisements that will run on their website based on their sites niche. WordAds will display the ads that are recommended by the advertising network. It only displays quality ads that are Family Safe.

WordAds is overall a good choice for WordPress users who want to earn money from their blogs but are unable to get an AdSense approval.

How Much Money Can I Earn From WordAds?

The most common question that comes into every publisher’s mind before using it is How Much Money Can I Earn From WordAds?

Everyone first needs to understand that WordAds uses CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impression) method to determine the rate of commission. CPM simply means that when a visitor views an advertisement then the publisher earns a sum of money as commission. The rate of CPM isn’t defined by WordAds as it keeps on changing based on the market value. Therefore, the amount of earnings that a site can generate from WordAds is quite difficult to predict & isn’t clear.

WordAds has set different CPM rates for every region. Automattic has stated that the visitors generated from North America would be given preference and that will provide the publishers with better earnings. Those sites that have a high traffic source from other regions of the world will earn comparatively a lower income. The websites that have high traffic level will certainly generate a stable income from WordAds despite the paying difference based on the region.

WordAds determines the rate of earning on the basis of CPM that makes it less efficient than Pay-Per-Click (PPC) method, it simply means that when a visitor clicks on the advertisement banner the publishers earn a commission. PPC method has a fixed rate that makes it reliable for a stable income. Thus, AdSense who uses PPC method is more popular and generates a better income opportunity than WordAds.

The payment method of WordAds is available only via PayPal with a minimum $100 balance requirement. It means that the money earned via WordAds should meet the eligibility criteria otherwise it will keep on rolling over for the next month. AdSense has the same minimum payout balance requirement but offers many payment methods including PayPal.


Automattic’s WordAds is the best alternative to Google AdSense for WordPress managed websites. The best method to monetize a site depends on the niche and the amount of traffic the site generates. Those sites that combine online advertising network with affiliate marketing will maximize their revenue generated. The best online advertising network will also differ based on individual sites performance.

AdSense is comparatively superior and much reliable than WordAds. It is better and convenient to choose WordAds when the site is not able to get an AdSense approval. There are many other similar online advertising networks available like WordAds but they don’t match the standard of AdSense.

The prime motto of every publisher should be serving the best content to the visitors than be obsessed with earning money from the website. Those who opt for monetization should do it in moderation without sacrificing the interest of the visitors.

If you have any other query on Automattic’s WordAds, don’t hesitate to ask below in the comment section.

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